FA355 – MIP Fund Accounting Benefit Enrollment: Recorded Session

Course Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: FA248 – MIP Fund Accounting Human Resource Management Setup, FA249 – MIP Fund Accounting Human Resource Management Processing, FA253 – MIP Fund Accounting Employee Web Services
Instructional Method: Recorded Session (recorded instructor led discussion with training guide)
Recommended CPE Credits: Not Eligible for CPE
Access Period: One Year from Purchase
Estimated Time to Complete: One Hour

This recorded session takes a deep dive into the Benefit Enrollment module for MIP Human Resource Management. Over the course of several lessons, learn the open enrollment big picture and understand how each step relates to the entire process. Learn how to create benefit enrollment groups and enrollment plans ahead of time and then, at the time of your choosing, flip the switch to start open enrollment. Enrolling in elections as an employee will also be covered to help you understand the employee experience and prepare you for common questions. Post enrollment activities such as approving elections and exporting data for benefit providers will also be covered.

Note: The Benefit Enrollment module is fully integrated into the Human Resource Management and Employee Web Services modules. Successfully setting up and implementing Benefit Enrollment requires a strong foundation on both of these modules as well as the Payroll module. In addition, to get the most out of this training course, the Payroll, Human Resource Management, Employee Web Services, and Benefit Enrollment modules should be installed prior to class.

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Create appropriate rights for HR Management users for use in Benefit Enrollment.
  • Create Benefit Plan Groups in the HR code table, and assign employees to these groups.
  • Understand the relationship between Benefit Plans and Enrollment Plans.
  • Create and manage Enrollment Plans, including rolling enrollment, if needed.
  • Add instructions for employee enrollment in HR, and activate employee enrollment.
  • Enroll in benefits using EWS, and troubleshoot the most common EWS login issues.
  • Verify employee enrollment in HR using two methods, and modify enrollment as needed.
  • Understand what steps may be required to export data to benefit providers.
  • Execute an update benefits wizard to finalize new enrollment elections.