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NFE112 – NetForum Enterprise Advanced Toolkit for NetForum Enterprise 2017

List price: $1125.00

About this course

This one day course is intended for students that have previously taken NetForum Toolkit training and will introduce the basics of the new NetForum UI designer. It coves basic foundational concepts and students will perform hands-on exercises to build a new profile form, add different types of widgets to the profile form, interacting with classic pop-up forms, and switching between classic and new UI.

Course Level: Advanced
Instructional Method: Group Live
Duration: One-Day Class


  • NFE101 – NetForum Enterprise Data Model and NFE102 – NetForum Enterprise Developer Toolkit are prerequisites for this course.
  • Understanding of relational databases is needed.
  • Understanding of toolkit (façade object, classic form designer, child forms, profile forms, etc.) is essential.

Desired but not required Skills:

  • Understanding of Transact SQL is helpful but not absolutely essential.
  • C# programming is not required, but helpful.

Class is held from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.