NFE101 – NetForum Enterprise Data Model

The NetForum Enterprise Data Model class will cover database basics, NetForum database principles, and exercises using SQL (Structured Query Language) which is used to communicate with the database. This one-day class is designed to help you find and extract the data you need from NetForum Enterprise.

The morning of the class will be spent on an overview of general netFORUM database principles, mixed in with beginner SQL principles. The afternoon will have a greater focus on the netFORUM database, taking a closer look at the specific tables. Learn Transact SQL basics, gain a thorough understanding on the netFORUM database architecture, and take a close look at netFORUM’s core modules, table by table. Students will write a series of SQL queries to learn more about netFORUM’s database tables to help you find and extract the data you need.

Course Level: Intermediate
Instructional Method: Group Live
Duration: One-Day

Class Prerequisites: Understanding of relational database management systems and Transact SQL language is required. If you are not familiar with relational databases and if you do not have a working knowledge of Transact SQL, then you will not get the full benefits from this course.

If you are not familiar with SQL, then we encourage you to take an SQL course first.

If you are not handy with Transact SQL, but you understand relational databases in general, you can still take the course and it will greatly improve your overall knowledge of how netFORUM is put together. You can skip the hands-on exercises and just listen and learn.

If you want to get an idea of the kind of SQL skills this course assumes you have, see this course at SQL Programming Language: A Comprehensive Hands-On Introduction at If you can do what’s described in this course, then you will have the background to get the most out of Data Model Training.

Note: We do not do database design in this course; we only query the database, but it helps to know how a database is put together.

Class is held from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.