NFE103 – NetForum Enterprise CMS

In this one-day course you will learn how iWeb and its counterpart eWeb are two unique, counter-facing applications, designed as the interfaces to your NetForum database. iWeb is the internal administrative web application and eWeb is the public or client- facing website. This public facing eWeb website is built and managed through the CMSmodule (Content Management System) in iWeb.

In this training, we will learn how to harness both applications to create powerful websites with dynamically driven content. This class includes a brief overview of the theory and architecture of an eWeb site followed by practical exercises designed to teach how to build a basic eWeb site, including pages, sections, and links. In addition, we will learn to extend the functionality of NetForum’s CMS through controls, web postings, and visibility SQL.

Course Level: Intermediate
Instructional Method: Group Live
Duration: One-Day Class

Understanding of basic Web design concepts, HTML, CSS. Knowledge of Transact SQL is useful for creating dynamic page templates. The exercises for this course have been designed to accommodate all levels of technical skills for a member of an organization, however, students will find that at least a basic familiarity with both SQL and HTML will greatly benefit them.

Class is held from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.