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FA210 – MIP Fund Accounting Accounts Payable Reporting and Troubleshooting

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About this course

Course Level: Basic
Prerequisites: General Ledger Transaction Entry
Instructional Method: Group Internet Based
Recommended CPE Credits: 2
Two Hour Class
Published: 01/2024

In this course, we will discover three report categories for reporting on vendor
information: Vendor Lists, Vendor Payments, and Vendor Analysis. After learning how to use
these reports, we will apply that knowledge to troubleshoot two case studies. Finally, we will
review available tools to make corrections through lessons on copy and reverse and void
checks. Throughout the course, look for tips included to help you protect your organization
against fraud.

For additional training, and to learn more about daily processing tasks in the Accounts Payable module, attend the “FA205 – MIP Fund Accounting Accounts Payable Processing” course.

This course covers topics related to the following modules:

Accounts Payable

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Create reports for vendor information, payments, and analysis.
  • Access the vendor balances form and use Accounts Payable Analysis reports to review vendor balances.
  • Correct A/P transactions