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MIPC304 – MIP Cloud Correcting Transactions: Recorded Session

List price: $170.00

About this course

Course Level: Basic
Prerequisite: Participants must have access to the web component of MIP Cloud prior to class.
Recommended Prerequisite: MIPC305 – MIP Cloud Accounts Payable Processing
Instructional Method: Recorded Session
Recommended CPE Credits: Not Eligible for CPE
Access Period: One Year from Purchase
Estimated Time to Complete: One Hour

This recorded session will discuss correcting transactions in the general ledger, using the Accounts Payable module as an example. In this course, we will learn how to correct documents at the session level, or document level, as well as making corrections to the general ledger such as voiding checks or recording check spoilage. These concepts can be applied to multiple modules in the product.

For additional training, and to learn more about daily processing tasks in the Accounts Payable module, attend the “MIPC305 – MIP Cloud Accounts Payable Processing” course.

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Reverse and copy entire sessions of documents.
  • Reverse and copy individual documents within sessions.
  • Void checks or vouchers, and record check spoilage.