MIPC246 – MIP Cloud Payroll Processing

Course Level: Basic
Prerequisites: Payroll Setup
Instructional Method: Group Internet Based
Recommended CPE Credits: 3
Three-Hour Class
Published: 12/15/2022

This course picks up where the Payroll Setup course left off, completing the payroll cycle. Payroll Processing covers creating a default timesheet, the procedures for entering and adjusting employee regular and supplemental timesheets, calculating, and reviewing payrolls, and printing employee checks and vouchers. You will also learn how to void checks, adjust payroll balances, and transfer payrolls to accounting. Common payroll reports are reviewed as well.

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Set up and use default timesheets.
  • Calculate a payroll for a processing group.
  • Modify calculated payroll checks.
  • Print payroll checks and reprint pay stubs.
  • Void payroll checks and record check spoilage.
  • Enter adjustments in the Setup/Adjust Balances form.
  • Distribute labor hours.
  • Transfer payroll to accounting and undo the transfer to accounting.

For additional training, and to learn more about setting up payroll and distributing payments via direct deposit, attend the “MIPC245 – MIP Cloud Payroll Setup” and “MIPC247 – MIP Cloud Direct Deposit for Payroll” courses.

FA103 – MIP Fund Accounting Payroll Specialist Workshop

Course Level: Basic
Prerequisites: None
Instructional Method: Group Live
Recommended CPE Credits: 12
One and One-Half Day Class

This is an ideal course for individuals responsible for processing payrolls in their organization.

Payroll mistakes cost time, money, and employee good will! This specialized 1.5-day workshop will provide new and experienced payroll professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to avoid costly errors.

In this course you will learn all facets of setting up payroll to meet your organization’s and employees’ needs. You will then learn procedures for entering and adjusting employee timesheets, calculating payrolls, and printing employee checks. You will also learn how to void checks, adjust payroll balances, and transfer payrolls to accounting. The fully integrated Direct Deposit module is also covered.

This course covers topics related to the following modules:

  • General Ledger
  • Payroll
  • Direct Deposit