FR50309 – Fundraising 50 Advanced Reporting

Do you use giving levels to recognize your donors for their contributions?

Acknowledging the contributions of your family of donors is important in sustaining a lasting relationship with them. View this recorded session to discover how to define giving levels within Fundraising 50. Learn how to create detailed custom reports utilizing customized defined fields and giving levels. Explore how to create a custom export file using calculated amounts.

FR50308 – Fundraising 50 Advanced Query

Has your Annual Campaign Officer requested a report providing each constituent’s total giving to this year’s Annual Campaign?

View this recorded session and discover how to create your own defined fields used to calculate and store site-specific information. Review the difference between a full and an advanced query. Learn to create advanced queries which also include comparison queries by using defined fields from various query cards.

FR50301- Fundraising 50 Basic Constituent Entry

This basic level, recorded session examines how to enter and maintain constituent information. You will focus on how to create individual and organizational records using the Basic card. Other areas of study include how to setup Name and Address cards in each respective file and how to utilize the Desk Caddy feature.

FR50302 – Fundraising 50 Basic Gift Entry

This basic level, recorded session discusses the proper procedures for entering and maintaining gift information. You will examine the gift code structure that is used for entering gifts. In addition review how to add basic gifts such as cash, gift-in-kind, honor/memorial, and split gifts.

FR50303 – Fundraising 50 Basic Query

This recorded session focuses on data entry concepts and methods used when querying for information from within the system. Review methods used to create simple Basic queries along with more complex Full queries. Also examine how to maintain queries utilizing the Query module tools.

FR50304 – Fundraising 50 Basic Reports

This recorded session describes the importance of manipulating nestled report queries in order to produce accurate reports. You will discover how to identify the various Report Types as well as how to properly utilize the Setup design tabs and various other optional tools used in customizing your reporting needs. In addition, you will also explore how to properly maintain the reports that you use on a regular basis.

FR50305 – Fundraising 50 Mailings

This recorded session equips you with the knowledge necessary for preparing acknowledgement letters, labels and envelopes. Explore ways to create custom merge gift acknowledgements tailored to meet your thank-you letter needs. Also, examine how to maintain merge templates for easy and fast retrieval purposes.

FR50306 – Fundraising 50 Event Management

The Events feature is a comprehensive special event management tool that assists you in the planning, organization and coordination of your fundraising events and their related activities. In this recorded session you can discover efficient ways to handle event planning, recording invitations and responses, tracking attendance and fees, and also generating event-related reports.